Chandigarh Police personnel are entitled to get the following information within the time limit indicated in the following table:-

Sr. No. Subject Time Period (Working Days) fixed for disposal of the work
1. GPF Advance (Sanction & Drawl) Within 14 days
2. TA/LTC (Sanction & Drawl) Within 14 days (subject to availability of funds
3. Medical Reimbursement (upto Rs 25000/-) (Sanction & Drawl) Within 14 days (subject to availability of funds and verification from DHS, Chandigarh
Above Rs. 25000/- to be sent to H.S. for sanction Within 10 days (subject to availability of funds and verification from DHS, Chandigarh
4. Pensionery Benefits To be paid by the 7th of the following month
5. Increments To be paid with the salary of the due month
6. Service Verification Any working day
7. Salary Slip Within a day of request
8. Conveyance/HBA (Case to be sent to the F.D.) Within 14 days
9. Earned Leave 1. Within one week of the leave, once sanctioned by the competent authority.
2. The written leave application should be forwared by the concerned unit Incharge and Supervisory officer.

Note:- Chandigarh police employees can also download their salary slips from the website of Chandigarh administration under e-salary head after logging in by using their "User ID" and "Password"

In case, the said information/benefits is not provided within the given time frame, then one may complaint to DIG, Chandigarh.

For Crime Related Emergency
Dial - 112 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100

For Traffic Related Emergency
Dial - 1073

For Crime Against Women & Children
Dial - 112 or
Women & Child Helpline No. 1091 or 0172-2741174

For any Senior Citizens Complaint
Dial - 112 or Senior Citizens Helpline No. 1090

For any Cyber Crime Complaint
E-mail : -

DSP Night Duty (From 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM Daily)
Dial - 09465121000

Pasport Verification Helpline