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- Seniority List of Constables (Wireless Operators) No. 19838-60/UT/E-II Dated 26.06.2020    Click Here

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For Crime Related Emergency
Dial - 112 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100

For Traffic Related Emergency
Dial - 1073

For Crime Against Women & Children
Dial - 112 or
Women & Child Helpline No. 1091 or 0172-2741174

For any Senior Citizens Complaint
Dial - 112 or Senior Citizens Helpline No. 1090

For any Cyber Crime Complaint
E-mail : - cybercrime-chd@nic.in

DSP Night Duty (From 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM Daily)
Dial - 09465121000

Pasport Verification Helpline