The present Recruit Training Centre established in May 2000 is being run from resources of Chandigarh Police. It imparts basic training to newly recruited Constables, in service training courses and trainees of promotion courses. The revised Basic Training Course based on syllabus by BPR&D, New Delhi, for Recruit Constables has been introduced and is now supervised by SSP/Ops and Training, UT , Chandigarh. The revised syllabus has several special features aiming at providing skills to meet the contemporary challenges likely to be faced by a Constable working in a cosmopolitan set up like Chandigarh. The Basic training Course aims to inculcate professionalism, discipline, physical fitness and all-round personality development amongst the recruits. Basic training is divided in two semesters and imparts training in Outdoor and Indoor activities. During the outdoor activities, the skills of Mob. Control, Volley Fire, Squad Drill, P.T. for physical fitness and stout built, UAC exercises and handling of various types of weapons is imparted. During the Indoor classes the knowledge of various amended laws including Indian Penal Code , Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Evidence Act , Local & Special Laws , Community Policing , Criminology , Punjab Police Rules , Administration & Organization , Technical and Scientific Aid in Investigation ,Medical jurisprudence , Disaster Management , RT Procedure and Basic Computer Science etc is being imparted.

Some of the special features of the revised Basic Training course include:-

The following facilities are being provided in the Police Hospital for police personnel and their families:-

i) Police Station attachment to ensure practical exposure to Police Station level functions.

ii) Guest lectures and interaction session with external resource persons/experts.

iii) Specialized modules on contemporary issues like Human Rights, Gender Sensitization and Media relation.

iv) Compulsory exposure to Computers.

v) Film shows both recreational and professional.

vi) Study tours to important establishments/institutions such as Courts, Hospitals, FPB, Phillaur, CFSL, CDTS, ISPW Net etc.:

vii) Compulsory motor driving.:

viii) Meditation, Yoga and inner personality conflict management.

Regular and systematic feed back from trainees enables fine tuned and responsive training schedule.

Experts from various specialized fields e.g. Forensic Science Laboratories, Punjab University, Senior Police Officers, prominent officers/representatives of the society are invited as resource person to whet the knowledge of trainees and to improve their professional skills. Special workshops/modules on various topics like Sensitization of Human Rights, *Custodial Violence, Cyber Crime, Bank fraud, ATM card offences , DNA profiling , HIV/AIDS and latest amendment in law etc. are also conducted from time to time for all ranks up to the Inspector in the RTC.

RTC is facilitated with a Computer Laboratory consisting of 40 computers, Modern Library consisting of 1100 books on different subjects, Hygienic and freshly prepared food facilities, Canteen, Gymnasium, Outdoor and Indoor recreational facilities with games and sports etc. are provided regularly. Further sincere efforts are made by the administration to get RTC approved from Govt. of India for betterment of the training system.

   - Final result of 16th Batch of the Basic Training Course for 34 recruit constable

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