The Chandigarh Police Hospital located in the Chandigarh Police Lines, Sector 26, Chandigarh was started for the welfare of Police Personnel and their families in the year 1967. The present 10 bedded Hospital started on 30.12.1991 and prior to it, the Hospital was functioning from a residential quarter of the Police Lines. The Hospital has now 43 sanctioned posts of Medical, Para-medical, Ministerial and Class- IV staff. Beside this, an Ayurvedic Doctor also visit Police Hospital once a week.

Facilities/services available in Police Hospital

The following facilities are being provided in the Police Hospital for police personnel and their families:-

i) General O.P.D:

Most of the medicines and Injections are provided to the families of Police personnel from the Hospital itself. General public is given routine medicines only.

ii) Minor Operation Theater (MOT):

Facilities of minor procedures like incision and drainage; Nebulisation, minor surgery etc. are available in the Hospital.

iii) Dental Unit Care:

A fully equipped Dental Chair with latest technology and competent Dental Surgeon.

iv) Laboratory:

Laboratory facilities like urine analysis, Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Malaria testing etc. are available in the Laboratory of Police Hospital. Most of the routine tests are available.

v) X-Ray Facility:

X-Ray facility is also provided. We are in process of acquiring new D.R. System (Digital X-ray Radiography).

vi) Facility of Physiotherapy:

Fully equipped Physiotherapy Centre with well qualified Physiotherapist.

vii) Maternal Child Health Service:

Services like immunization and family welfare, etc. are available in the Hospital.

viii) Ambulance:

Ambulance services are also available round the clock for emergency transportation of patients from Police Hospital to General Hospital and PGI etc. for effective referral system.

ix) Stress Management and Yoga Centre:

Stress Management and Yoga services are also provided with qualified yoga instructors (male & Fe-male)

x) ICTC Centre:

Run by the State SIDS Control Society Chandigarh with efficient Lab Technician and qualified counselor which is providing test for HIV, VDRL, HB etc.

xi) Specialist Services:

On the recommendation of the Director Health Services, UT, Chandigarh, specialists services are available during the morning OPD hours since march 2013.

Evening emergency services have also begun since March, 2013

xii) National Programmes:

All the national programs are effectively covered specially MCH services (Mother and child health care), RNTCP Revised National TB control Programmes and UIP (Universal Immunization program etc)


Constant efforts are being made to raise the infrastructure of the Hospital. A detailed plan has been submitted and various construction work actively have been initiated recently to improve the building of the hospital.

Other Initiative:-

  • Other initiative include Annual Medical Examination of Police personnel and their follow up.
  • Weekly counseling session is being held for high risk patients and proper records of these police personnel are kept to check the Health profile of each and every police personnel so that they are advised and counselled regularly.

Police Hospital is situated in strategic place sector-26 which is in Police Lines and serving inmates since 1991. Police personnel, their families and even the underprivileged people of Bapu Dham slum area which are availing the services of the Police Hospital. The Hospital provides AYUSH (Ayurvedic & Homeopathic are also provide) to the community.

For Crime Related Emergency
Dial - 112 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100

For Traffic Related Emergency
Dial - 1073

For Crime Against Women & Children
Dial - 112 or
Women & Child Helpline No. 1091 or 0172-2741174

For any Senior Citizens Complaint
Dial - 112 or Senior Citizens Helpline No. 1090

For any Cyber Crime Complaint
E-mail : -

DSP Night Duty (From 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM Daily)
Dial - 09465121000

Pasport Verification Helpline