Cyber-THON - 2023

Problem Statements:
  2. Create monitoring system/tools equipped with data analytics capability to detect and investigate potential cybercrimes and other illicit activities (drug smuggling, arms trade, distribution of obscene content, leakage of sensitive personal information, etc.) on the dark web, aiding law enforcement agencies
  3. Real-time Monitoring of Cyber Space using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  4. Develop an AI-based tool that continuously monitors publicly available sources on cyber space to gather intelligence on cyber security threats (e.g. – detecting vulnerabilities on sites of financial entities, government websites, etc.) and other activities such as violent incidents, obscene videos & fake news etc. that may result in law and order problem, and extract relevant portions of evidence
  5. Automated Cyber Fraud Detection and Reporting System
  6. Design an automated system/bot that can detect online financial frauds and cyber scams, allowing law enforcement agencies to quickly respond and protect potential victims while also generating alerts for the victim. e.g. – cyber security mobile app having access to Phone, Messages, e-mails, social media accounts, etc. that alerts the phone user to phishing attempts and sends report to LEA
  7. Incident Response and Case Management Tool
  8. Develop an integrated tool for managing and coordinating incident response activities, evidence collection from seized devices & different stakeholders (banks, TSPs, ISPs, social media companies, etc.), and case management in cybercrime investigations. This may also incorporate machine learning-based solution to extract the modus operandi of the complaint, involved phone numbers, social media accounts, bank accounts, etc. and automatically generate flow of investigation, after going through the complaint
  9. Cyber Crime Awareness and Education Platform
  10. Create an interactive online platform/module to educate the public and businesses about common cyber threats, best cyber hygiene practices, and how to report cybercrimes, using innovative means
  11. VoIP Call and Virtual Number Tracing System
  12. VoIP call tracing tool to identify the caller, capture & analyze audio data of VoIP call from VoIP server & different networking devices in real time, considering call quality & metadata information
  13. AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis for Community Policing
  14. Build a sentiment analysis tool that monitors social media and local news for public sentiment regarding law enforcement. The system should help identify community concerns and public sentiment trends
  15. Predictive Policing for mapping of crime and criminals
  16. Develop a space and time-mapping system which will co-relate repetitive crime incidents, criminal patterns & track repeat offenders, by integrating data from various sources and utilizing data analytics to track various crime incidents over space and time. It will provide useful insights into crime mapping that can help in implementing preventive measures accordingly. It can also ensure efficient monitoring of repeat offenders


  1. The participants are allowed to work only on given problem statements and develop the solution related to one of these problem statements.
  2. The solution must be designed and developed after the nomination is submitted. Already developed (existing) solutions will be rejected.
  3. A Team can have max 4 members including a Team Lead.
  4. Each Team has to nominate and submit their solution design & details as per given timelines.
  5. The participants under Student category, must be pursuing an active academic year and not doing part time or full time job.
  6. Jury will check all the submissions and select top ideas or solutions to participate in ‘In-Person’ round at campus. The experts will guide and mentor the selected teams to enhance their solution to present in front of the Jury on closing day.
  7. Winning solutions will have an opportunity for further development of the solution with hand holding from Infosys, Chandigarh and Chd Police so that it can be implemented in future
  8. Teams selected for in-person round, the participants have to make their own arrangements for travel. Organizing team will arrange the meals, refreshments and overnight stay.
  9. Jury Decision will be final.
  10. At least 50% code of overall Solution should be completed by teams before submission (due date is 5th Nov 2023 by 2359 hrs).
  11. Teams can continue working on solution post submission – till final presentation is not done during in-person event.
  12. At In-person event, Top qualified Teams (after submission round) can refine their solutions along with Master Hacks Team before final presentation which is planned for 2 days ~ 17th and 18th Nov 2023.
Important dates:
  • Nomination Starts: 12th Oct 2023
  • Nomination Ends: 26th Oct 2023
  • Solution Submission Ends: 5th Nov 2023 Sunday) by 23:59 hrs [via Submission Form url]
  • Declaration of Top Teams for In-person Event: 9th Nov 2023
  • In-Person Event: 17th, 18th Nov 2023

  • Forms available for Cyberthon-2023

    List of selected teams for the next round

    Team Name      Institute

    Cyber Nirikshak      Punjab Engineering college (PEC), Chandigarh
    Cyber Ciphers         Chandigarh Colleges of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh
    Sentinels         Amity University, Punjab
    Thinkers Bot        Chandigarh University
    Knights Templar     Manipal University, Jaipur
    Cod Starz          NIT, Delhi
    Team-H          SGGS, Sector-26, Chandigarh
    Cyber_Crawlers      Seth Jai Prakash Mukund Lal Institute of Engineering
    Nocaine          NIT, Tiruchirappalli
    Gen Z police        Chandigarh University
    AI Magination     Chandigarh University
    Bloody Hackers      PEC, Chandigarh
    Vol debug          Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat
    Cyrates           Ramco Institute of Technology, Chennai

    Cyberthon-2023 : Results

    First Prize - Team Voldebug [Real-time Monitoring of Cyber Space using Open-Source Intelligence] - From Parul University, Gujarat

    Second Prize - Team Cyber Ciphers [AI driven Sentiment Analysis for Community Policing] - From Chandigarh Colleges of Engineering & Technology - Sector 26, Chandigarh

    Third Prize - Team Bloody Hackers [Predictive Policing for mapping of crime and criminals] - From Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

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