Chandigarh Police is working hard in order to provide a safe and secure environment to the residents of the city beautiful Chandigarh. In order to achieve this objective, 60 gypsies, 40 motorcycles and 3 trauma vehicles (Ambulances) have been deployed in the city round the clock to ensure the safety and security of the general public. Also, apart from the above, large number of patrolling parties from various police stations and police posts also patrol the city. Moreover, 11 Police Stations and 18 Police Posts and Special Crime Unit have been established to prevent as well as effectively investigate all kinds of crimes in the city. Chandigarh Police is effectively using all its resources including policemen, policewomen, vehicles, equipments and technology to apprehend criminals as per the law, in order to create a sense of safety and security among the citizens.

Chandigarh Police appeals to the citizens to fully cooperate with Chandigarh Police in order to ensure effective safety and security for every one.

For Crime Related Emergency
Dial - 112 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100

For Traffic Related Emergency
Dial - 1073

For Crime Against Women & Children
Dial - 112 or
Women & Child Helpline No. 1091 or 0172-2741174

For any Senior Citizens Complaint
Dial - 112 or Senior Citizens Helpline No. 1090

For any Cyber Crime Complaint
E-mail : -

DSP Night Duty (From 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM Daily)
Dial - 09465121000

Pasport Verification Helpline