Chandigarh Police undertook a unique initiative of conducting medical examination of all the police personnel of Chandigarh Police. This was started after it was observed that Chandigarh Police has high morbidity rates. The underlying theme was to detect medical ailments at earlier stages so as to take corrective steps, introduce life-style changes and thus spread general health awareness amongst the police personnel and through them to their families. For this purpose, a detailed examination chart was prepared in consultation with doctors of Police Hospital, Chandigarh.

After discussions, it was realized that certain basic bio-medical and physiological test are essentially required to arrive at basic health level of the person concerned. For this purpose, Hemoglobin, Cholesterol, Uric Acid measurements as blood test and tests for Sugar in Urine and other physiological measurements like Blood Pressure for Hypertension, Weight-Height Ratio for assessing the obesity level, Eye and Dental Check-up were undertaken. On the basis of these tests, a specific diet chart and essential preventive and pro-active steps to be taken to ensure good health has also been prepared and accordingly advice is dispensed to the police personnel.

All the police personnel of Chandigarh Police are being medically examined on these para-meters and essential dietary and health advice are being given to the employees. Many police personnel were diagnosed with silent killers like Hypertension, Diabetes and also suffering with some general ailments like poor vision and obesity. On the basis of corrective advice, there has been a certain fall in the morbidity rate of Chandigarh Police. This unique initiative has helped in increasing the motivational level of the force and good health awareness amongst the police families and improvement in cleanliness in the police colonies, as police personnel themselves have become pro-active after doctors advice to take corrective steps.

Those police personnel, who could be treated at the Police Hospital level, have been taken care of by the police doctors but cases having serious ailments requiring specialized care, have been refereed to Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh, for follow-up.

It is proposed to undertake these tests as an annual feature in year 2009 also. It is expected that with three years of annual check-up of entire police force, the health level of police level will certainly improve besides giving the added advantage of higher motivation, as the police personnel felt that they are being cared for by their leadership and their health and families well being is a serious concern for the hierarchy.

Also, a multipurpose hall has been constructed in Police Lines which can be used by the police personnel for their various functions.

To keep the moral of police force up, senior officers interacted with subordinates through 'Sampark Sabha' to hear their grievances and ascertaining their requirement or difficulties being faced by them during discharging of their duties. Corrective steps are being taken to redress their grievances.

The facility of various computer courses at newly inaugurated computer lab in police lines has been started for the wards of police personnel. At present 65 wards of police personnel are under going these courses. The fees for these computer courses is charged at very nominal rate i.e. Rs. 6000/- for office automation course, Rs. 24001- for Diploma in computer application and Rs. 3000/- for 'O' level course which is about 80 less as compared to market rates.

Short training of hotel management/table manners/etiquettes for 28 wards of police personnel was also arranged at Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector-42, Chandigarh. Pick and drop facility for wards was also provided by the department.

A three months English speaking course for 90 wards, beauty parlor course for 125 wards, and cutting & stitching training for 24 wards were also provided at police lines, sectoe-26 Chandigarh.


  1. The loan of Rs. 60,60,000 from Amenities fund has been granted to 202 Police Personnel.

  2. Payment of Rs. 36,22,002 including Rs. 62,0001- for funeral charges of deceased police personnel, 55,000/- honorarium to retiree personnel, Rs. 15,50,000 financial aid and 14,03,000 as welfare family pension to the deceased Police Personnel have been made from Chandigarh Police Welfare (BD) Society.

  3. Scholarships amounting to Rs 4.53 lacs was awarded to 135 wards of the police personnel who secured outstanding positions in studies for their encouragement. In future it has also been decided to award such scholarship regularly per month, subject to the production of performance report from the respective school.

  4. Under Group Personnel Accident insurance Scheme the insurance of police personnel has increased from 5 laes to 10 lacs i.e. Rs. 5 lacs by Oriental insurance Co. Ltd. @ Rs. 208/- PA and Rs. 5 lacs by Axis bank Ltd. free of cost on account of opening of salary account with the bank.
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